Price: $9

With "Game of Influence" by Jes Hansen you receive two ways of giving your participant a believable and realistic muscle reading experience. 
A novel new way to engage your participant. Not only ‘spectator as mindreader’ but ‘spectator as muscle reader’! 

Your participant will have the ability to find a previously written down way along a small ‘chessboard’ by seemingly interpreting your ideomotor response. Not only the audience will find the routine perfectly realistic, also the participant on stage will confirm that he did it for real. This is intelligent mentalism at its best! 

A very simple and easy routine to do, which comes with a fully prepared script for you to use!

 A simple, effective bit of work here using simple items you probably already have. Can be presented as influence or prediction and you can give the spec the proof to take with them. Nice thinking from this bright young mind. Looking forward to more from Jes. 
Preston Heller

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